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Noble Automotive Ltd. is a British automobile company headquartered in Leicester, better known as Noble. The company that specialized in the production of high-speed sports cars was founded in West Yorkshire by Lee Noble. Manufacturing of bodies and chassis takes place in South Africa. Assembly — at the Noble factory. The price of the latest model called the Noble M600 is £200,000.

Meaning and History

The Noble logo looks like a chess queen or crown, which consists of two letters “N”, that is, from the first letter of the company name. This approach to the creation of a logo symbolizes the elitism of the brand’s cars and their power.

Noble Logo

Emblem and Symbol

On the logo under the crown, which consists of two letters “N”, there is the name of the company’s founder Lee Noble, who was the main designer and executive director of the brand from 1996 to 2009. The brand is owned by an English car manufacturer that specializes only in high-speed sports cars.