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TVS Motor is an Indian motorcycle manufacturer, which was established in 1978 and today is one of the hugest companies in the region. The brand sells more than three million motorbikes per year.

Meaning and history

TVS Motor logo

The TVS logo is composed of a nameplate and an emblem above it. It is a simple yet very elegant visual identity design, which shows the brand as reliable and stable.

The wordmark TVS is written in all capital letters in an italicized serif font with bold thick lines. The blue color of the lettering symbolizes professionalism and authority of the company.

The TVS emblem is a leaping horse, which is colored red. The silhouette of the horse is moving to the right, into the future and is a reflection of the brand’s progress and speed.

The red color of the TVS emblem represents the brand as passionate and energetic, with an optimistic and innovative approach.

The logo sometimes switches colors and appears on a blue background, then the lettering becomes white, but the horse is constantly red.

The TVS logo is timeless and modest, but full of meanings and is a great performance of its brand.

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