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Trabant is the name of the German automaking company, which was established in the 1950s and ceased all operations in 1991. Born in East Germany, the brand, founded by VEB Sachsenring, only lasted for one year after the Berlin Wall fell down. There were almost 4 million cars produced by Trabant during its history.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of a discontinued German car marque was composed of two parts — an emblem and a wordmark, which were sometimes used in a combination, but more often — each on its own.

The emblem depicted an abstract symbol, resembling a diagonally placed letter “S” or a winding road. The symbol was enclosed in a circle and usually executed in monochrome, where the white lines were placed on a black background, or vice verse — black image on white. When placed on the cars, the badge was executed in silver metal, looking professional and strict.

The second part of the Trabant visual identity, its logotype, is more recognizable that the emblem. It is a retro-style script lettering, where the first “T” has its horizontal bar elongated. It comes out to the right and finishes above the last “T”.

As for the color palette of the logotype, it was usually executed in black, or silver when placed in the cars. Bold lines and solid shapes made the inscription remarkable and stylish.

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